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Get your subconscious mind on board with achieving your next-level goals:Ā 

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You're in the Right Place if you:

  • Feel like you're hopelessly stuck inĀ negative thinking...

  • Lack focus and clarityĀ on the direction your life is going...

  • ExperiencingĀ burn-out and overwhelm...

  • Relive past "failures"Ā over and over again in your mind...

  • Want more purpose, but don't know how to get it...

  • Suffer from low self-confidence or anxiety

  • Engage in self-sabotage or negative habits

  • Allow fears to get in your way of achieving your goals...

  • Have a sense that there's more to your life that you're not accessing...

  • Are SO done with feeling this way...

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Don't worry, I've got you!

I'll partner with you to rediscover or uncover for the first time, the greatness within you. 

I use a pro-active approach to help you easily implement the mindsets of successful behavior through neurolinguistic programming, positive psychology, neuroscience, and hypnosis.



Results You Can Expect:  

  • Achieve your goals with ease.

  • A deeper sense of purpose.

  • Tools you can take with you to maintain your results.

  • More energy for the things you love. 

  • Freedom from negative thinking and habits.

  • A more positive attitude.
  • Joy!

How it Works:


My goal working with you is to help you discover your own inner-resources and share powerful tools to overcome the mental or emotional challenges that are holding you back. 


As a Certified Master Trainer of NLP, master hypnotist, and having a background in organizational psychology and yoga, I will bring forth my large toolkit of resources to help you let go of self-sabotage, self-confidence issues, fears, and anxiety to be happier, courageous, and more mindful in just 4 sessions*


So what's the catch? Your 100% commitment to step up your life and live the life you desire.

Without your full desire to make massive changes in your life, you will not achieve the your full results.  

Despite my wish to be a magician, I am (sadly) not.


I cannot just make your issues disappear in a poof, but I can help you access your subconscious and create deep level change.

The only thing required is your deep personal commitment to allow self-transformation to happen. In return, I will give you my full, 100% commitment to giving you a customized program to inspire change, too. 


I customize each session specifically to your needs & desires. All of my hypnosis & NLP coaching techniques are delivered very methodically, and each session builds upon the work from the previous session. No two sessions will ever be exactly alike. 


Therefore, in order to achieve your full result, and for both you and me to be successful, this is a 30 day program with Four weekly sessions throughout the duration of your program.

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Meet Your
Mindset Coach: 
Melissa Taylor


Melissa's approach is focused on putting her clients back in control of their lives, to empower them with more choice and drive the bus of their future. While she has a branch of coaching that focuses on Biblical principles, she also works in the secular space with clients, corporations, and business owners.

She is a strong advocate for physical & mental health, along with being a catalyst for subconscious change for lasting goal achievement, rather than relying solely on willpower, which often leads to eventually falling back into negative behaviors and thought patterns.

Qualifications & Methods:

  • Over 18 years of consulting psychology & mindset coaching.
  • Master's degree in Organizational Psychology.
  • Certified Master Trainer in Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP).
  • Certified Master Practitioner of Therapeutic Hypnosis & Timeline Therapy®.
  • Awarded "Best Hypnotherapy Practice" in Austin 4 years in a row.
  • 500 hour Certified Experienced Yoga Instructor.
  • Christ-centered coaching methods.
  • Results-driven approach to empower her clients to reach health goals, stick to positive habits, and change unwanted behaviors through various mindset techniques, psychology, and methods backed by neuroscience. 
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Effective Results in Just 4 Sessions*

I work with highly committed individuals who are ready to take responsibility over their lives and want to be the best they can be, but feel they have lost a part of themselves. 


If you are currently: 

  • Feeling like you are stuck in negative thinking

  • Lacking focus and clarity on the direction your life is going

  • Experiencing burn-out and overwhelm

  • Reliving past negative experiences over and over again in your mind

  • Suffering from low self-confidence or anxiety

  • Engaging in self-sabotage or negative habits

  • Allowing fears to get in your way of achieving your goals

  • Have a sense that there is more to your life that you're not accessing


Then I will partner with you to rediscover or unconver for the first time, the greatness within you. 


I use a pro-active approach to help you easily implement the mindsets of successful behavior through neurolinguistic programming, positive psychology, and hypnosis.


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The Difference that Makes the Difference

Transformative Hypnotherapy


When you think of hypnosis, you may have a picture of an entertaining stage hypnotist dangling a watch.

There are many misconceptions about hypnotherapy out there, as well as much debate about whether hypnotherapy is acceptable, due to fear about giving up your control to someone else.

Maybe you've even had the impression of people clucking and flapping their arms like a chicken with a stage hypnotist at the fair, which is purely for entertainment. 

However, there are many types of hypnosis, and therapeutic hypnotherapy has been used in the medical and psychology fields for centuries to alleviate physical and mental ailments.

Melissa Taylor High Performance Coaching provides therapeutic hypnosis, where you are fully in control, and my methods are based on the work by the famous psychiatrist, Dr. Milton Erickson.

The Ericksonian method is indirect hypnosis, where therapeutic behavioral change is achieved by conversing through metaphors, reframing, and stories, rather than direct orders. 

This form of hypnotherapy, combined with mental exercises of Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) and positive psychology, provides wonderful healing at both the conscious and unconscious levels.

Hypnotherapy can best be described as heightened awareness or focus in a relaxed state. This relaxed state is called "trance."

People often mistakenly think that being hypnotized means being asleep and that they can be made to do things while they're asleep. This is simply not true. 

Hypnosis takes place in a relaxed state, where your brain waves are in the alpha and theta states, which are similar to being in a nice daydream, a great massage, or in meditation.

Being in a relaxed state is optimal for inner-change, as it allows us to "turn off" our mind chatter and be in a more resourceful, imaginative, learning state.

Hypnotherapy is similar to guided meditation, where you are awake and still in control.

All sessions are remote so you can relax in the comfort of your own home.


The Unconscious Mind

The benefits of hypnotherapy lie in its wonderful ability to tap into the part of our mind that stores all of our memories, past experiences, beliefs, and healing: the unconscious mind. Some also refer to it as the subconscious.

Dr. Erickson believed that we experience trances every day at varying degrees. For example, while daydreaming on our drive to work, "zoning out" in a meeting, watching t.v., or engaging in creative work.

Athletes or artists may even call it their "flow state" or being "in the zone." 

Even if we're not in a deep trance, our unconscious mind is still listening; the way it listens for danger while you sleep. 

The unconscious mind's main purpose is for survival and to help you. It pumps your blood, brings oxygen into your lungs, and heals your body without telling it to. 

It represses memories to keep you safe, stores your learnings, helps you remember things you need to remember (most of the time), and runs your automatic internal programming and behaviors.

Have you ever wanted to change your behavior, but every time you tried to make the effort to change, you did the complete opposite of what you wanted? 

For example, when I wanted to lose weight, I knew I shouldn't be eating certain things, but I did anyway. I knew I should be exercising, but I chose not to instead.

Our unconscious mind runs 88% of our behavior, which is why it's so important to access that part of our mind for change. 

If we know what we should be doing, but we do something else, then it must mean that the behavior is running at an unconscious level. 

Clients often come to me once they have "tried it all" and are ready to seek change at a lasting and deeper level. It's completely "normal" to be skeptical at first, especially being that you may have previously tried various methods to produce behavioral change that have not given you the results you wanted.

However, you will most likely find that once you allow yourself to access a deeper part of yourself and you will open the door to countless possibilities for healing, self-exploration, and positive change.

When we do our part to look within to change our negative behaviors and thought patterns, we put ourselves in an incredible position to allow our blessings to flow, and be all that we're intended to be.

Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP)


Created in the 1970's by Richard Bandler and John Grinder, Neurolinguistic Programming, or NLP, has been coined, "the study of excellence." It is a method of retraining the mind through mental exercises, in order to produce consistent and desirable behavioral results in your life.

Neuro defines the mind, linguistic = language, and programming means retraining.

Hence, NLP is retraining the mind to communicate the most effective language towards ourselves and to others for mental clarity and harmony with ourselves and others.

It's also been coined, "the study of excellence." NLP processes can be used for success in health, relationships, business, and all other areas of your life. It is extremely effective at producing positive changes quickly and comfortably to match your specific needs, drive your personal growth, and enhance your role in any particular areas you'd like to address. NLP is a great way to help you delve deeper into the root cause of your issue, by guiding a series of specific questions, visualizations, or changes of perception. 

NLP techniques can be used alone on a conscious level, but can also be highly effective when combined with hypnotherapy to gain breakthrough changes and achieve your desired results.

Timeline Therapy® (TLT)


Time Line Therapy® (TLT) was created by Dr. Tad James, and utilizes methods to help you be free of issues from your past so that you can move forward with your desires and goals for the future.  Time Line Therapy® has become widely known over the years as a very effective way to help clients achieve their desired results quickly, while creating comfortable and lasting changes. 

Melissa Taylor High Performance Coaching effectively merges Time Line Therapy™ techniques, in combination with Hypnotherapy, NLP, and positive psychology, to enable you to be free of issues from your past that have been blocking you from living your life the most successful way possible.

Issues and traumatic events, that have persisted since as early as childhood, can suddenly be neutral memories, freeing you to live your life more powerfully and gain emotional control over your life.

Time Line Therapy™ can help you break free of:

  • Negative Emotions/Feelings
  • Limiting Beliefs/Decisions
  • Anxiety
  • Grief
  • Trauma
  • And more...

 And help you:

  • Set & achieve goals or outcomes.
  • Live your life more freely.
  • Live your purpose in Christ.
  • And create the life you want now.


Lasting behavioral change begins at an unconscious level. By becoming aware of your "time line," you will learn how you store all of your unconscious memories at a subconscious level. Conscious decisions to change are most effective when conducted at this level.


As best described by Dr. Tad James, The Time Line Therapy® process allows you to work at the unconscious level to release the effects of negative beliefs, decisions and emotions arising from past experiences. It brings about changes in “inappropriate” programming in minutes rather than days, months or years.


Unwarranted emotional reactions such as unreasonable sadness, anger, depression, anxiety and fear or phobic reactions are responsible for preventing people achieving what they want in life.

At Melissa Taylor High Performance Coaching, positive psychology, used in combination with hypnotherapy, Time Line Therapy®, and NLP,  is an extremely effective way to help you gain emotional control over your life. 

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Results in Just 4 Sessions*


Melissa Taylor High Performance Coaching uses a unique approach to reprogramming thought patterns to achieve more desirable behavior by combining a technique called Neurolinguistic programming (NLP), Timeline Therapy®, hypnotherapy, and positive psychology, backed by neuroscience.

Utilizing these methods together will allow you to experience change on both a conscious and unconscious level, to create highly effective results.

The 30 Day Complete Transformation Program is a 4 session package designed to retrain your mind to let go of negative thinking and develop new mindsets to achieve a life you desire.

Because we will be teaching your mind new ways of thinking, each session builds upon the previous session's learning development, and therefore a 4 session commitment is required in order to achieve maximum outcome. 

Although the results seem quick, your total commitment to achieving success is essential, and in order for you to gain full success, your dedication and commitment is key.      

*based on average results

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Kristen, Los Angeles

"I was really suffering with a lot of anxiety prior to my session with Melissa. So much so that I couldn't sleep at night, and felt anxious every time I came home. Melissa really helped me to overcome the challenges I faced on such a deep level, that even after 1 session, I was shocked that my anxiety had disappeared."

Lynni, U.K.

"Melissa is so welcoming and friendly that I immediately felt calm and relaxed. She has a fabulous way of working and is extremly knowledgable in her field as a practitioner. The sessions I had with Melissa went very well and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her to my family and friends. She is an amazing woman and helped me so much in my journey. Many thanks!"

Gain Control Over Your Behavior. Be the Best Version of Yourself. Live According to God's Purpose for You.


Results You Can Expect:

  • A deeper sense of purpose.
  • A closer connection to Christ and deeper understanding of who you are through Him.
  • A more positive attitude.
  • More energy for the things/people you love.
  • Freedom from negative thinking and habits.
  • Greater inner-peace.
  • Better sleep.
  • Stress relief and time management tools.
  • Techniques to carry with you after your sessions.
  • Greater joy from within.
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Want High Performance Coaching for your team? 

Get your entire team high performing! Melissa is available for group coaching, event speaking, and courses for your sales team, staff, & clients. 

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